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UK government gives US$ 6.8M subsidy for LED lighting


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Feb 3, 2016: The government has rounded up a total of 24 lThe Department of Energy and Climate Change, UK government made an official statement for its second Electricity Demand Reduction (EDR) Pilot auction plan which plans to provide subsidies of US$ 6.8M to LED business players.eading companies and 37 individual projects that were eligible for GBP 4.74 million (US$ 6.81 million). This attempt is to upgrade their lighting to more efficient LED lights which will save close to 23,307 kW of winter peak capacity.

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UK  government gives US$ 6.8M subsidy for LED lighting

An average weighted price per bid for the auction was kept at GBP 203/kW.

The move has irked some sectors of the media fraternity as The Telegraph has lashed out government’s decision to provide subsidy to big business players like Sainsbury with an estimated GBP 830,000 to install LED lights. The money in question is tax payers’ money, However, officials are stating that it is a positive step to reduce risks of blackouts during winter season.

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In series of continuing criticism, The Telegraph further questioned UK government’s decision to cut subsidies to average households in an attempt to improve energy efficiency.

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