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UK sets new solar power record in June

UK sets new solar power record in June

By BizLED Bureau

July 5, 2016: Providing nearly a quarter of UK’s electricity in June 2016, the nation’s solar power has set a new record. The solar power in UK hit a new peak of reaching 23.9% of demand on June 5, according to an analysis by MyGridGB for the Solar Trade Association (STA).

12 GW solar panels

At present, UK has nearly 12 gigawatts (GW) of solar panels on offices, schools, homes, warehouses, solar farms and as well as other buildings. Such enormous solar panel can power up to 3.8 million homes. The nation now has a million solar homes. Around 800,000 homes have installed solar photovoltaic panels which generate electricity from the sun. On the other hand, around 200,000 homes have solar thermal units provide hot water.

Solar independence day

Marking the third annual solar independence day, the UK solar industry together with STA is aiming to boost maintenance standards for the technology.However, the industry has been hit hard due to subsidy cuts for solar panels, which have seen installation rates drop in a substantial manner.

Solar independence day is about celebrating what a huge group of small and medium sized businesses can attain within a short period of time. UK Solar industry requires a push from the government so that the sector can reach its aim of zero subsidies by the early 2020s.

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The main concern is to keep energy bills as low as possible for home owners and businesses while supporting low carbon technologies that symbolize value for money, said a spokesperson from Department of Energy and Climate Change.

UK sets new solar power record in June

She also added that the solar industry still receives subsidies. But, the price of solar has gradually declined since the last decade. Hence, it is only right that as these prices come down so should the subsidies paid for through power bills.

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An STA spokesperson said that it is prominent how solar can protect businesses and homes from unstable energy prices through reduction in bills thus, reducing the requirement for energy imports. UK has effectively deployed nearly 12GW of solar across the nation, providing nearly 25% during peak generation, the spokesperson added.

Furthermore, the spokesperson said that the government’s recent announcement that it would be adopting carbon targets for the period 2028 to 2030, which will be requiring  a 57% cut in emissions by 2030, sent a good long term indication on clean energy.

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