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UK suppliers turning to LED lighting for higher margin

UK suppliers turning to LED lighting for higher margin

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 24, 2016: The UK electronics industry, which was heavily dependent on sectors like defence and telecommunications for higher margins, is turning to the LED industry for better business. The LED lighting market in UK is expected to grow from 2013 to 2018, resulting in a market value estimated at £1,050 million. The LED lighting market in the UK is experiencing growth explosion as LED technology becomes widely accepted in the mainstream lighting market in the country.

Observing the trend that LEDs are replacing traditional lights, particularly streetlights, UK-based suppliers and design houses are taking advantage of the LED lighting revolution across the globe.

UK companies like West Yorkshire’s Harvard Engineering, which designs and manufactures its products in the UK, will sell its LED lighting products to councils. UK LED companies also consider manufacturing LED products as well. This will include manufacturing of LED lighting products, assemblying them, etc.

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Cumbria-based manufacturer Marl is planning expansion of its production facility to take advantage of the LED lighting revolution in the country.

On the other hand, Plessey is restructuring fabrication of semiconductors in the UK with GaN-on-silicon LED wafer fab.

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Currently, the UK supply chain supports 1,700 companies across the lighting sector, which is worth £2.3 billion. The UK is home to more than 140 lighting design houses that develop lighting systems for overseas projects, which present a immense opportunity for the lighting manufacturers to access global markets.

With the significant expertise in design and manufacturing, combined with policy and a business-friendly environment, the UK lighting industry offers significant investment opportunities to the LED lighting industry.

The UK lighting industry?s products consume around 18% of all electricity generated in the UK. Implementing good quality, smart LED lighting and controls and energy efficient LED lighting could reduce this consumption. With the LED technology, it is now not only possible to conserve energy but also have the opportunity to both reduce maintenance costs and to improve the quality of every aspect of the environment.

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