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US lawmakers are still fighting over enforcement of ban on incandescent light bulbs

US lawmakers are still fighting over enforcement of ban on incandescent light bulbs

By BizLED Bureau

Sep 7, 2017: Republicans in the US Congress are still trying to stop bannning of incandescent light bulbs in the country, as they believe that the ban would limit options for the consumers.

In July 2017, US House passed an amendment proposed by Representative Michael Burgess, a Republican from Texas, to stop the US Energy Department from implementing the efficiency rules that were introduced with support from both sides of the House under the George W Bush administration, about 10 years ago.

The ban is as per a bipartisan 2007 law, signed by President Bush, that phases out the Thomas Edison incandescents bulbs, which waste 90% of energy as heat rather than light. This phaseout—begun in January 2012 with the 100-watt, followed by the 75-watt and the 60-watt and 40-watt—has angered many consumers who dislike LED bulbs because of their higher up-front costs. Republicans have tried but failed to stop the phaseout so they have focused instead on de-funding its enforcement.

Meanwhile, Burgess, who has opposed the incandescent light bulb ban for years, “should fight to preserve the free market”, said the Congress, and that the regulations will “take away consumer choice when constituents are deciding which light bulbs they will use in their homes.”

But lighting manufacturers represented by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), said they would voluntary comply with the rules, as they are already overwhelmingly supporting LED lighting as it is cost effective and energy efficient.

According to industry experts, preventing the enforcement of the regulations will simply mean playing into the hands of cheap importers of incandescent lamps.

Meanwhile, NEMA is also fighting a legal case in California, trying to stop California Energy Commission (CEC) regulations that is designed to control the colour rendering index (CRI) of LED lamps. According to NEMA, the limits are too prescriptive and consumers should be given the choice, but the CEC says tighter regulation will help ensure consumers do not have bad experiences with LED lamps.

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  1. Eric Bretschneider

    More to the point, the ban is on traditional incandescent light bulbs. Halogen bulbs which are a modified (more energy efficient) version of standard incandescents are still allowed.

    Framing this as LED light bulbs or else is a bit of false advertising and borders on fear mongering. Be honest about the issues and do a little research.

    You can choose between halogen, CFL and LED bulbs – hardly a no choice situation.

  2. Yes the ban is fine because now its time for LED.
    It is LED era.

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