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US Navy asked to buy US-made LED lights for its bases

US Navy asked to buy US-made LED lights for its bases

By BizLED Bureau

May 2, 2017: With the aim to reduce costs, the US Navy is all set to retrofit its bases with LED lighting. President Trump has ordered that all products used in US government projects should be made in the USA. President Trump has signed an order which orders government agencies to buy products thaty are made in USA.

President Trump is coming with a law that would ensure that the USA government buys American products to be used in government projects. As a result, all LED lights to be used by the US Navy should be bought from manufacturers of USA. This would mean that it is good time for US LED manufacturers.

Retrofitting its bases with LED lights was a long term goal of the US navy, set at a time when military spending was squeezed under the Obama administration.

It has already been announced that US lighting manufacturer Orion has signed the deal to retrofit two naval bases. Orion has also secured $13.8 million deal to retrofit projects for US Navy facilities.

President Trump has taken this move to protect US government agencies from buying cheaper LED lighting from foreign companies.

In 2016, US Navy had installed more than 219,000 LED tubes on 168 ships in its fleet. In April 2017, the US Navy certified that T8 LED tubes manufactured by US-based company Revolution will used aboard ship.

By changing the lights to US made LED lights, the country will save over $1.1 billion annually, amd over 20,000 new jobs will be created, and over 11 billion lbs of CO2 emissions will be reduced.

However, not everyone has welcomed this move. Some economists are concern that other nations may act in response to American protectionism, and encourage their own government agencies to buy locally and steer clear of American goods, which would damage American economy, and US lighting manufacturers, in the long term.

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