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US solar trends: Innovative panels, apps, & solar powered cars

US solar trends: Innovative panels, apps, & solar powered cars

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Sep 22, 2016: The US solar market reached almost $23 billion in 2015, and the figure is likely to double in 2016, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.In 2016, US installed the millionth solar system, which took almost 40 years. However, the next million solar installation is likely to take place within the next two years, thanks to technological advancements and innovative solar schemes.

This sunny scenario was also observed at the recently concluded North America’s largest solar trade show in Las Vegas, where solar experts showcased the bright future of the solar industry in US, by displaying the most innovative solutions, and top most trends that will drive the US  solar industry in the coming years.

 Declining cost of solar energy

One of the trends that will definitely drive the growth is the continuous fall in the cost of solar energy. Over the last 10 years, the price of installing solar projects has reduced by over 70%. Analysts predict that solar installation price will fall even further in the coming years.

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Rooftop solar installation made cheaper

Despite the falling prices of solar energy, the cost of solar panel installation on rooftops is still quite hige in US. However, due to new and advanced technologies, this price can also be cut down, making rooftop solar installations cheaper. Smash Solar has developed a solar panel with rivets underneath the panels.

US solar trends: Innovative panels, apps, & solar powered cars

The company has developed a system where you do not need to build any structure for rooftop solar panels. The system does not use any costly metal framework. The solar panels can be attached with the same glue that sticks glasses on the sides of buildings.

Recharging electric cars with solar power

Another major trend is recharging electric cars with solar power. King Solarman, a major solar producer, demonstrated at the trade show,a solar panel on wheels, which was hooked up to a Tesla vehicle. A battery stores the solar power generated by the solar panels.The battery then sends the solar power to the inverter that finally charges the car. .Many such solar stations are coming up, some of which can be found at the parking lots of companies such as Tesla, Google, UPS and Apple.

Apps that will drive the solar industry

 Another important trend that will drive the solar industry is the rapid utilization of software apps. Such apps help to track solar energy being produced, and also, communicate the total solar savings.Soon apps will tell solar customers about the most favorable time to sell power to the grid, according to industry analysts.Such apps will allow homeowners to take better control of their solar energy.

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However, the software needs to be advanced enough to fulfill all criteria. The homeowner should receive useful alerts on their phone so that they can utilize their solar energies in the right and most profitable manner possible.

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