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UV LEDs will pave way for germ-free hotel rooms

UV LEDs will pave way for germ-free hotel rooms

By BizLED Bureau

June 13, 2016: There are indeed heaps and heaps of germs present in hotel rooms. Right from the television remotes to bathroom counters to beds, the germs are everywhere. Hotel guests just can’t escape them! And the worst part here is that such hazards loitering in hotel rooms are ignored all the way.

Beware of TV remotes and light switches

A Houston University study revealed that germs TV remotes and light switches are the core sources of germs in hotel rooms. Guests simply touch these daily appliances and as a result of which they get expose to unwanted health hazards. More shockingly, another study revealed that costly hotels have more bacterial agents as compared to economy ones.

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In another study, Texas A&M microbiologist Dr. Rita Moyes revealed that 100% water samples taken from hotel whirlpool tubs tested positive for germs that may cause rashes, pneumonia and urinary-tract infections.

UV LEDs will pave way for germ-free hotel rooms

Hotels across the world are coming up with more solutions – the global disinfectant market is likely to grow $2.9 billion by 2017. Sales of sterilizer sprays and gels have increased these days and it is growing with each passing day.Add New

Innovative technologies are filling these gaps in the market and enhancing disinfection capabilities. Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light is being used since several years now. These lights help to prevent bacteria from reproducing on surfaces or water in order to make a sterile environment. But, several limitations exists that limit extensive application.

UV-C technologies have typically been powered by mercury-vapor lamps. Even though mercury lamps have made grip in delivering industrialized disinfection, restrictions linked with mercury have prohibited the growth of a full range of applications. Mercury lamps not only engage the use of toxic material but they are also delicate, large and particularly difficult to use, needing constant maintenance and repeated replacement.

Why UV LEDs?

Instead of vaporizing toxic mercury to produce UV light, UV-C LEDs employ semiconductor technology to attain the same benefits, while totally eliminating the risks linked with mercury-vapor based technologies. UV-C LEDs are also safer and can power-on instantaneously. Also, they are more compact and provide higher power density as compared to mercury vapor lamps.

Owing to recent developments, UV-C LED technology is now accessible in its most powerful outline, generating concentrated disinfection power with a machine 6.5 millimeters wide. Additionally, UV-C LED may be powered by battery and may as well be included into a mobile platform such as white LEDs in the camera flash of a smart phone. This will make your phone into a handheld UV hygiene wand facilitating disinfection on the go.

The hospitality market has huge potential for the use of UV-C LEDs, which can be built-in into a variety of products such as  self-disinfecting whirlpool tubs, toilet seats etc. Television remotes, alarm clocks and pillows can be sterilized in the quickest way by inserting the article into a UV-C machine.

With the capability to sterilize each and everything, UV-C helps to eliminate potentially hazardous bacteria such as germs that cause rashes in the skin, colds and a whole lot of other diseases.

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The possibilities are everlasting. UV-C LED technologies promise to help hotels strengthen relationships with clients, giving visitors around the globe peace of mind, reinforcing their brand and boosting healthy and productive understanding.

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