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Valtavalo to increase its LED tube production

Valtavalo to increase its LED tube production

By BizLED Bureau

Dec 21, 2015: Valtavalo Ltd, a Finnish LED tube manufacturer, which shifted its production back from China to Finland in 2012, is increasing its production capacity by acquiring another, more efficient and fully automated LED tube manufacturing line. According to the company?s plans, the new line will start operating by mid 2016.

It will be delivered by EID Tech Oy, Kuopio. EID Tech Oy designs and sells customer-oriented industrial automation solutions for a variety of needs of Finnish and international clients. It was founded in 2009 and the company is located in Kuopio, Finland.

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Valtavalo has just improved the domestic content of its LED tube products as it acquired an automation cell for manufacturing LED tubes and caps few months back. Total value of the investments is approximately one million euros.

Jari Helminen, managing director of EID Tech Oy, said, ?Valtavalo is demonstrating how investments in automation can help maintain manufacturing industry in Finland and compete on cost even with cheap manufacturing countries. These investments have major direct and indirect employment effects?.

?As per method of assessment, even over 80% of our product’s value comes from Finland. Finland and other Nordic countries have the best of material providers who meet our quality criteria, and Finnish automation expertise is rated one of the best in the world,? Markku Laatikainen, CEO at Valtavalo Oy elaborated.

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LED tube lighting products of the company can replace old fluorescent lights directly, and Valtavalo has emphasized on this segment from the very beginning. ?The international LED tube standard, introduced in December 2014, has opened the market for LED tubes and its export prospects are quite good. We hope that that beginning from late 2016 export channels will truly begin to open,? Laatikainen said.

Valtavalo Ltd, founded in 2008, is a Finnish company developing, manufacturing and delivering energy-efficient and environment-friendly lighting solutions with an aim to improve the cost-efficiency and competitive potential of its customers. The company is a leader in LED tube manufacturing in Scandinavia and has distributors in several European countries.

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