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Vancouver airport to install custom-designed LED lights

Vancouver airport to install custom-designed LED lights

By BizLED Bureau

Oct 25, 2016: With the aim to improve efficiency and update operations, Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is set to install custom-designed LED lighting system. The new lighting system will be designed by Musco Lighting, the US-based lighting firm.

No glare

Although the present lighting system at the airport meets all security regulations, the LEDs will deliver superior quality lighting without producing off-site spill or glare.

Musco Lighting has designed systems to meet the special requirements of flight controllers, passengers and pilots.  One of the highlight is the brightness and even distribution of light that creates no glare, and also preserves the darkness immediately surrounding the airport.

Benefits of new LED system

The new custom designed lights will be retrofitted onto the airport’s existing poles.  Lights will be factory wired and tested to update installation and guarantee trouble-free operation.

Having a 10 year warranty that covers parts and labor, YVR doesn’t have to pay maintenance costs for the next decade. The system has electrical component equipment located remotely, lower on the poles, facilitating easy access for servicing.

The LED system delivers supreme quality, controlling the light with pinpoint accuracy without creating glare or off-site spill. The Vancouver airport is expected to save 715,000 kWhrs per year, which is equivalent to moving up to 80 households yearly from the local utility grid.

Vancouver airport to install custom-designed LED lights

YVR strives to be a leader in environmental management. In 2015, YVR developed an energy plan that aims to decrease energy consumption and spend in alternative energy solutions, according to YVR airport authorities.

Further the authorities said that the new LED lighting system is adaptive based on gate usage. This means that the lighting levels will increase and decrease on the basis of gate schedule to save power when not in use.

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