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Varanasi and Ambattur upgrade LED streetlight projects

Varanasi and Ambattur upgrade LED streetlight projects

By BizLED Bureau

May 23, 2016: Owing to the varied government policies and incentives in India, numerous LED streetlight projects have started across the nation with a wide array of developments every week. As far as streetlight upgrades in Varanasi is concerned, the city still lags behind. On the other hand, Ambattur is all set to initiate smart LED streetlights.

Recently the Varanasi Municipal Corporation has partnered with Delhi-based Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) and signed a LED streetlight upgrade scheme.

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Under the scheme, the streetlight set up will be completed within seven-and-a-half months. The contract includes installation of LED streetlights along with upgrading wire mazes and poles.

Varanasi and Ambattur upgrade LED streetlight projects

The agreement will ultimately drive Varansi’s sluggish streetlight upgrade project forward. Also, it was noted that streetlight set up in the city were far behind.

Up till now, Varanasi has replaced only 1,500 streetlights out of an objective of 36,000 streetlights. Out of these 15,000 streetlights, 12,000 were replaced by EESL. One of the core reasons behind such a situation is delayed government streetlight tenders, according to industry sources.

As per the original agreement, EESL was to substitute each and every streetlight in the city at its own expenditure within five to seven years, whilst the municipality was supposed to return the installation charges with maintenance costs and energy savings.

Varanasi decided to issue its own streetlight tenders in March 2016, owing to EESL’s delay, however nothing followed post such tenders.

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On the other hand, Ambattur has come up with 10 smart LED streetlights that can be switched on and off automatically, thus easing local residents the accountability of monitoring the lights. The smart LED streetlights are likely to assist the community streetlights to save up on energy utilization.

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