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Veeco, imec form partnership to enhance GaN-based devices ‘performance’

Veeco, imec form partnership to enhance GaN-based devices ‘performance’

By BizLED Bureau

Feb 23, 2016: Veeco Instruments Inc. and imec have signed a joint development project (JDP) to accelerate development of powerful electronic devices using GaN Epi wafers. This technology is based on highly-efficient Gallium Nitride (GaN).

Veeco Instruments Inc. is world’s leading supplier of metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) systems while imec is Belgium-based nano-electronics research center. Imec has shown significant gains in GaN layer uniformity and run-to-run repeatability with Veeco’s Propel system, resulting in much improved power device yields.

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The single wafer reactor incorporates Veeco’s proprietary TurboDisc technology to deliver superior film uniformity, defect and run-to-run control levels compared to batch reactors.

A senior executive of Smart Systems and Energy Technologies at imec was quoted saying, “The main aim is to produce the next generation of highly efficient power switching devices. We have set very high GaN device yield and reliability targets for current year and look forward to partnering with Veeco to reach these targets”. He further added that within the framework of current industrial affiliation program on GaN-on-Si, Veeco and imec have jointly functioned over last few years to improve the Epi quality of GaN layers deposited on silicon wafer substrates.

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Industry requirements are evolving and requiring smaller, more energy efficient power ICs, according to reports from a research firm. This is driving the need for improved power devices using advanced materials.  GaN-on-Si coupled with improved process solutions, such as single-wafer GaN MOCVD, are critical to the development of these improved power devices.

Veeco, imec form partnership to enhance GaN-based devices ‘performance’

The team at Veeco Instruments Inc. is elated with the imec collaboration. The global demand for advanced power electronics is rapidly accelerating. End user wants greater energy efficiency, smaller form factor and greater reliability.  The team believes that the technology in our Propel single wafer system will enable imec to achieve their power device targets and help to bring these advanced devices to market faster.

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