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WalaLight breaks LED light barrier for circadian rhythm wellness

WalaLight breaks LED light barrier for circadian rhythm wellness

Jan 20, 2017: The future of LED lighting has arrived with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification of WalaLight’s passive lighting system – Healthy LED Circadian Rhythm Lighting. UL and CSA have certified WalaLight for North American markets. WalaLight’s revolutionary technology, which is designed and manufactured in North America, simulates daytime sunlight and warmer calming light in the evening. WalaLight is the industry leader for ambient lighting systems providing this type of natural light for commercial applications.

“Our innovative system provides critical wellness benefits through our light therapy, while also enabling maximum efficiency for the environment. The automated controls reduce the need for manual operation. The energy savings is also maximized,” said WalaLight CEO Harry Zuker.

Via its automated Zigbee mesh passive lighting system that easily brings sunlight and nightlight without any physical effort, WalaLight (www.WalaLight.com) enhances a wide spectrum of everyday life, including an array of facilities:

Senior Living Lighting impacts health and behavior as the sun changes throughout the day from energy daylight to moonlight, when the brain signals hormones to relax and ultimately sleep.
Healthcare Lighting effects outcomes for hospitals and healthcare facilities including treatment, along with ambient lighting conducive for patient recovery and reduced length of stay in facilities
Education Lighting for schools aids student behavior and performance.

Offices Lighting directly leads to improved productivity and worker satisfaction.
Correctional Lighting correlates to improved inmate behavior, while alleviating security concerns.
Shift Work Lighting addresses alertness leading to heightened productivity.

“By using WalaLight, physical and mental well-being improves through optimal circadian rhythms,” Zuker said. “We can also reset the biological clock for jet lag, as well as circumvent seasonal effect disorder, PTSD, ADHD and many other disorders.”

As the LED Light spectrum continues to evolve and researchers now better understand how lighting has a profound effect on sleep, alertness, performance and health, WalaLight implements cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly lighting solutions. In addition to cost savings on utilities, WalaLight can dramatically reduce the need for lighting maintenance and replacement.

“We’re able to provide the appropriate spectrum of lighting through our smart Kelvin changing technology. This, in turn, vastly improves behavior and performance,” WalaLight Chief Technology Officer, Rodney Smith, said. “We focus on keeping people healthy instead of waiting for health problems to occur, by generating the right amount of light therapy.”

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