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What future has in store for LED lighting?

What future has in store for LED lighting?

By BizLED Bureau

Feb 16, 2016: The old incandescent light bulb will fade out soon for being the preferred choice in general lighting. Due to large scale production, prices of LED bulbs and fittings have dropped hugely in international market, making it the most effective choice for general and other purposes lighting.

The current share of general LED lighting is 57% of the total LED market. Currently, it is being projected at US$ 25.9 bn for the year 2018. The rest includes signage, automobile lighting, mobile devices, monitors, display panels etc.

With latest advancements, general lighting is growing at a rapid pace in commercial and residential markets. However, this growth rate is higher for commercial use as LED lighting is still considered an expensive proposition for domestic consumers.

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LED advantages

The strength of LED lighting lies in energy-saving and environment-friendly factors. Moreover, the authorities are promoting LED use by applying relevant tax reductions as this will lead to a commendable increase in LED lighting use in commercial spaces such as the parking lot, office space, factory facility, and warehouse.

  • The long life of LED fixtures hugely reduces the replacement cost of the bulbs. These replacement costs also include the physical labor cost which is included while changing high bay lighting fixtures.
  • High growth rate of LED lighting is due to lower power consumption that LED lighting offers over old traditional lighting. LEDs only consumes less than 20% of the electrical power to provide the same level of light (in lumens) when compared to old methods.
  • The dimming ability of LEDs using the previously installed base of TRIAC dimmers is a major benefit, especially in residential lighting. CFLs have a warm up period while LEDs are not sensitive to power cycling like their CFL counterparts.
  • LED lighting fixtures do not have toxic materials to manage or dispose of, whereas CFL runs on toxic mercury gas to operate.

Changes in automotive lighting

This sequence of lighting evolution from the incandescent light bulb to LED lighting is comparable in many terms with automotive industry in terms of vehicle lighting.

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Red LEDs have been extensively used in taillights for over a decade, but the recent changes in the car’s interior and forward illumination lighting systems have made significant strides in LED adoption rates. According to a report, LED are used in over 70% of interior indicator lights and over 45% for instrument display backlights.

Costs have been a major driver and automobile giants considered it as a barrier. This led to alternatives in the headlamp like: incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs or HID xenon bulbs.

LED headlights somewhere lie between the halogen and HID xenon lamps regarding their brightness, but they provide much more focused rays to create different shapes. The small size allows better manipulation with automotive manufacturers to suit their needs.

Though LEDs do not emit heat upon lighting, they do create a certain amount of heat at the source point when the electricity passes through. This creates a potential risk for adjacent assemblies and connectivity cables. This is the reason why LED headlamps need cooling systems to keep fans from melting.

Additionally, these cooling systems are located in the engine area, a not-that-cool area for some other system to maintain a decent temperature. Hence, LED headlights are also harder to design and implement in the vehicle making them more expensive than HIDs.

Concluding point

Though changes are steady in place and improving for LED lighting, the incandescent light bulbs dominance as the preferred lighting choice is diminishing for general lighting and automotive industry as well.

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