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World?s first plug-and-play horticulture LED lamp

World?s first plug-and-play horticulture LED lamp

Jan 6, 2016: Transcend Lighting, Inc., leader in LED horticulture lighting, announced today the release of the world?s first commercially available, high-output, direct-replacement LED T5 lamp. The company?s LED T5 has been specifically designed for horticulture applications including food production and growth of medical cannabis.

The Transcend Lighting 30W LED T5 lamp produces the same quantity of light as the standard 54W T5 fluorescent lamp, thereby reducing energy consumption by 45%. And by implementing its patent-pending phosphor technology, the company optimized the emission spectra of the LED T5 lamp to match plant absorption spectra for both vegetative and flowering growth stages ? resulting in an increase in crop yield.

According to Transcend Lighting CEO, Brian Bennett, ?I am truly amazed by the performance of our high output T5, and the value we are delivering to our customers. Not only are our customers reducing their electricity bill by 45%, but they are simultaneously boosting their production yields. We?ve made the LED T5 exceptionally user friendly. There is no rewiring required or ballasts to be changed – just replace the fluorescent bulb with the LED.?

Other benefits of Transcend?s LED T5 include: 5-year warranty, 50,000-hour lifetime, shatterproof construction, mercury free technology, and UL certification.

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