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Zhaga new Books define standards for linear & circular LED light engines

Zhaga new Books define standards for linear & circular LED light engines

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 17, 2017: Zhaga Consortium, chartered with developing standards for LED light engines and associated technologies, has come out with two books defining LED light engines, which has been approved for use by consortium members in LED luminaires sector.

While Book 14 defines flat rectangular LED light engines for linear fixtures, Book 16 defines flat circular LEDs for round ceiling fixtures.

Book 14 specifies a family of ultra-slim, linear LED light engines that are suitable for low-profile linear lighting. The LED light engines have a cap/holder system that enables tool-less replacement. One end of the LLE has a contact cap, which fits into the corresponding contact holder in the luminaire, while the other end has a support cap and support holder.

Book 16 defines planar, circular LED light engines with an integrated driver. These LED light engines are suited for use in flat, circular, low-luminance applications.

Book 16 has five LLE categories, defined by their maximum diameter. Two more sub-categories allow easy mounting in existing luminaires. Zhaga Consortium also said that test labs Dekra, Intertek, and VDE have been approved to test Book 14 LED light engines designs—the tests will ensure interoperability with luminaires designed as per specifications and interchangeability between LED light engines from different vendors.

Zhaga Consortium has already developed more than 10 specifications for a wide variety of different indoor and outdoor LED lighting applications. The Books also define LED light engines both with and without integrated driver electronics or electronic control gear.

Specifications for linear luminaires

The specification for linear products includes options for three different categories of LED light engines—565, 1166, and 1466 mm. The specification says that LED light engines can be installed or removed from the luminaire without a tool.

Book 14 also defines that the LED light engines have an integrated driver. However, Book 14 does not specify features like optical beam pattern.

Specifications for circular luminaires

The Zhaga Book 16 defines flat circular LED light engines for round ceiling fixtures. Book 16 defines specification intended for use in low-profile, low-glare circular luminaires applications. This Book has greater number of categories, which means more flexibility in luminaire size—130, 180, 250, 350, and 500 mm. However, Book 16 requires tools for installation or removal of LED light engine. Book 14 and 16 can be download only by Zhaga members.

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