How to Make Fluffy, Crispy Waffles

Whether you are looking for a yummy breakfast or a dessert if there is one thing that never gets old, it is the good old waffle. After all, how can one not like the crispiness of the waffle along with the richness of the chocolate, right?

But making the perfect waffles isn’t all that easy. From choosing the right waffle maker to even choosing the right eggs for the mix, each step makes a difference. So here are few tips to keep in mind when making waffles.

Everything You Need to Know About Waffles

Eggless Waffles VS Waffles with Eggs

If flavor was a priority there is no doubt that waffles with eggs stand above the pack as they tend to be fluffier. Does that mean eggless waffles are bad?

Absolutely not, in fact, the difference in fluffiness is minor. That is because eggs aren’t solely responsible for the deep pockets and height that make waffles look fluffy.

A major role is played by the waffle maker so make sure you spend ample time researching and finding the right waffle maker.
If you are wondering how to replace eggs without sacrificing on fluffiness buttermilk along with some baking soda should do the trick.

Do’s and Don’ts You Will Find Helpful

1. Learn to use your waffle maker correctly. Everything you need to know about it will be provided in the instruction manual so give that a thorough read.

2. Most people prefer using butter to coat the grid of the waffle maker but from personal experience, I can tell you that vegetable oil should be your go-to choice as the waffle comes out smoother.

3. Don’t forget to pre-heat the waffle maker or there is a good chance it will come out raw. Also, do not open the waffle maker until and unless done.

4. Be generous when you are adding in fat for the best results and give the batter enough time in the machine to brown and crisp.
You can even throw in a bit of potato starch or cornstarch in the batter to keep the waffle from going soggy, in turn, giving you a crisper exterior.

5. Make sure you beat the egg whites and sugar properly. The best way to judge whether they are done or not is to check if they make soft peaks. The role of sugar in this mix is to stabilize the eggs so they do not dissolve instantly upon mixing. Furthermore, it also ensures the eggs mix in with the dry ingredients easily while the air incorporated into it makes the waffles fluffy.

6. If you are making eggless waffles then I would recommend using buttermilk and baking soda for the best results. The acidity of these ingredients acts as the leavening agent making the waffle light and fluffy.

7. Avoid leaving the waffles into the waffle maker for too long and when you are making eggless waffles make them is smaller quantities so the buttermilk does not lose its acidic attributes.

8. Get a waffle maker that has an indicator as to when the waffle is done and note that there is a good chance the first waffle might go wrong so do not panic just yet.

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