How to Make the Perfect Brownies

You know your mom really loves you when she bakes yummy, gooey brownies for you on a Sunday. The aroma of the brownies baking filling up the entire house and then pouring some hot chocolate syrup over it is enough to make anyone go weak in the knees.

But making those brownies perfectly gooey and rich isn’t all that easy. From making sure the batter is right to the baking temperature and cooling time, everything step is just as important.

So if you too want to make the perfect brownies and need some help, you are in the right place. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Choose the finest quality ingredients

Whether you are making waffles, cakes or brownies, if there is one thing you cannot compromise on is the quality of ingredients if you care about the flavor profile.

For example, the better the cocoa you get the more intense will its flavor be. Similarly, even the eggs, flour, etc. should be as fresh as possible even if that means having to pay more.

The one ingredient most people stumble at is chocolate. If you too cannot decide on the brand and type of chocolate you should be going with, this video below will help you out.


2. Beat the sugar and eggs correctly

When beating your sugar in with the eggs a stand mixer with the whisk attachment would be ideal but hand mixers can get the job done as well though they take longer. Plus, you need to make sure you run it throughout the mixture or it can lead to lumps on the sides.

The whole point of whisking is to incorporate air bubbles into the mixture. These air bubbles will prevent the brownies from being dense and hence they will come out soft and fudgy (just how we like our brownies).

3. Sift the dry ingredients

Just like your mixture can form lumps if not whisked entirely even the dry ingredients can have lumps and that is where a sifter comes in handy. Make sure you sift the flour and cocoa powder at least 4-5 times. This will ensure they are evenly mixed and form no lumps further making it easy to mix them with wet ingredients.

4. Bake it to perfection

If you want the brownie to bake correctly don’t forget to pre-heat your oven. Also, do not tamper with the suggested temperature. Yes, you will have the urge to constantly open the oven and check it is coming out right but that will allow the heat to escape increasing the chances of the brownie being raw on the inside. In general, brownies should be baked at 180-degrees for 30-35 minutes but if you are using a different recipe then stick to it.

5. Give some time to cool

Just like cakes, muffins, cupcakes your brownies need time to cool as well after baking even if that is for 15-20 minutes. Digging into hot brownies will result in them instantly crumbling rather than being soft and fudgy. Even when you are reheating brownies make sure you do not overheat them.

An easy to make Brownie recipe you will love


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